This website was created as a final project for the Fall 2018 course HUM/EAS 233 at Princeton University. Here, we have created a blog with posts discussing various versions of the story of the Precious Consort, Lady Yang Guifei of Tang China. These analyses do not just consider the works as they are, though, but also differences in the story across time, across ways, across artistic mediums, and across geographical boundaries. Indeed, the main concern of this blog is not with Yang Guifei herself, but with her storyhow it has evolved as a result of its spread to new environments within and beyond Tang China. We hope these analyses on this single topic shine light on the different voices and views that have come to bear throughout East Asia’s history. 

The menus in the top-right corner of the site direct you to the works we’ve analyzed, categorized by their region of origin. You can also explore posts organized by their medium through the “categories” menu directly on the right. Be sure to check out some of the comments sections, too, for some riveting discourse from both familiar and unfamiliar characters! 

We hope you enjoy perusing the posts we’ve created, and feel free to add any thoughts of your own.

Alex Dipasupil ’21, Brandon Mintzer ’20, Hanzhang Ren ’22, and Julia Walton ’21