Matching With Friend – Compete with Your Friend on this Game for Android

Zynga as among the top developers for mobile platform game as well as browser games recently launch another exciting game on the market called Matching with Friend. The same as some other Zynga games that’s often a easy and fun mini game which can be play online along with your friends, this game is usual straightforward puzzle you’ve seen before. Just like the name said, within this game you have to compete alongside your friends by matching various tiles on the very same color to get the bigger points nevertheless, the game definitely has a lot more to give, let’s see what the game provides beneath.


Matching with Friends is just another puzzle game basically along with a number of thrilling aspect for multiplayer mode. The objective is straightforward, you have to match precisely the same tile with similar color by simply tactically place the tile in the right spot, you may also use power up such as bomb to empty the board and get more points than your opponents. The puzzle is not the same each time you play it; and this is what make matching with Friends truly fun to enjoy as you can’t figure what puzzle may come the next time you play alongside your friends.

There are various power up that could be use once you combat your foes for lots more higher score such as the multiplier bonus, the bombs, exclusive tile, and more. You are going to fight some other player on a match or with your friends, by using quick match mode you can easily recieve an opponent’s immediately in case you don’t have friends yet at Matching with Friends. The quick match can quickly put you up against random opponent immediately and you also must score the most point in order to win the match.

The game play is fun, the puzzle is quite challenging, plus the instant match definitely makes it easy to play anytime you want. Even though the graphic is straightforward somewhat the game is fairly addictive once you discover how you can play it especially when you won against your competitors. There are several achievements you could unlock as well as the leader board report to find out who have the best score. If you are searching for a fun time together with your friends with your Android smartphone, perhaps Matching with Friends is what you’re looking for. If you interested, you are able to grab this game on Google Play for Free.

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